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Moein’s love for music and love for people keeps him admired by millions everywhere. Moein allows his relationships and personal experiences to inspire his music, giving his fans a direct channel into his life. This transparency allows for fans of all spheres to relate to him on a personal level. Moein has two daughters, Paricheh and Setareh.Nasrollah Moein Najafabadi, more commonly known as Moein is an internationally acclaimed Iranian singer. Beloved by millions of fans throughout the world, Moein has inspired a new wave of Iranian music centered around authentic love and romance. Combining traditional and pop music, Moein has pioneered his own genre of Iranian music.

Moein began his artistic career as a radio singer and has since released over 20 albums and 25 singles. Throughout his career, Moein has continued to produce hit after hit. Such classics including Kabeh, Havas, Esfahan, Miparastam, Safar, Sobhet Bekhir, Bibigol, and Paricheh have been enjoyed by Iranians everywhere. Yeki Ra Doost Midaram, produced in 1982, was his first album to be widely noticed in Iran.