Jess Cramp

The Untold Story of Sharks

May 5-7, 2024
In Partnership with Rolex

Sharks have roamed the planet’s waters since before the dinosaurs and have evolved into more than a thousand species. But only recently have we begun to understand their lives in the ocean—and how our actions can threaten their survival. Dr. Jess Cramp will take audiences on a journey through the National Geographic archives to discover the work of pioneering women in shark science and storytelling before she dives into her work on the frontier of shark research and conservation. We’ll journey through the vibrant waters of the South Pacific in search of elusive breeding grounds and find out what it truly means to save sharks while working with communities struggling to maintain their traditional ways of life.

About Jess Cramp
National Geographic Explorer Dr. Jess Cramp is a shark researcher who specializes in conservation policy and engaging communities in the management of their ocean. Jess co-championed a grassroots campaign that resulted in the Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary in 2012, an area exceeding 770,000 square miles. She is the founder and executive director of Sharks Pacific, a non-profit organization that conducts research, outreach, and advocacy throughout the Pacific Islands region.

Event Dates

Sun, May 5 | 2pm Mon, May 6 | 8pm Tue, May 7 | 8pm

In Partnership with National Geographic Live

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