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D&Z Global Art Association presents

Yuqiang Dai is a famous Chinese tenor and a national first class actor. He is the sole student of one of the three tenors Pavarotti in Asia and is also a professor of the Opera Research Institute at the Peking University. He has won many international awards, received a cordial interview with Queen Elizabeth of England. He was hailed as the “Fourth tenor of the world” by Rudols, the agent of “top three tenor”. He has very high quality voice talent, elegant and temperament, the middle and low sound areas are smooth and stretched, and the high-pitched area is bold and unrestrained.

Zuli Xu is a Canadian Chinese soprano, a Master of Arts. During her years in Canada, she was involved in many events of arts and culture exchange between China and Canada. She studied with the International Opera Master class of “International Youth Opera Program”, and she attended the world renowned “The Voice of Germany” competition, and she has received personal guidance from Mr. Alan Nona, the tenor of the “20th Dance Theater” in Montreal. She also received instruction from Mr. Christian Michellescu, singer in the Brasov Opera House in Romaniz, they all praised her for her outstanding talent.

Zuli Xu has wide sound range, high quality voice, she has a keen and profound sensibility to music, and can perfectly express the connotation and delicate emotion of music.

Romulo Delgado is a classically trained tenor and a world music multi-instrumentalist. He was a region finalist at the Hans Gabor Belvedere International Opera Competition in Vienna, Austria. Delgado's versatility as a performer has enchanted audiences all over North America and Europe and he has performed for several Prime Ministers as well as former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

The concert is accompanied by the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra. The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra has grown significantly in both membership and profile in Mississauga since 1972 and is now proudly designated as one of Mississauga's six pillar institutions of culture. Under the direction of Maestro Denis Mastromonaco since 2013, the Orchestra continues to offer entertaining and increasingly sophisticated programs from classical and popular repertoires of symphonic music performed to the highest artistic standards. With the inclusion of the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra in 2013 the organization has become the centre of classical music in Mississauga built around the pillars of music education, performance and entertainment.