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Roy Thomson Hall and National Geographic Live present

Standing at the Water's Edge

Photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier knows the power of water: the power to give life when it is respected, and the power to destroy when it is misused. During her time with the Kayapo people in the Amazon, she documented a society that relied on their local waterway to survive—and found their way of life threatened by a massive new dam. In British Columbia, she found First Nations protecting their sacred headwaters, and in Hawaii, a new community of indigenous peoples seeking to reclaim their connection to the sea. She learned that one concept bound these three disparate communities together: “Enoughness,” or taking only that which you need.

“The idea to use photography to rally for conservation is not a new idea. It was born in the 1800’s when photographers went out to Yellowstone and brought back images to Washington, DC, and that gave birth to the first National Park. Photography has that kind of power.” - Cristina Mittermeier